The English Literary Society has remained evergreen right from its inception from the good old days of Miss Thompson.

The Society is kept on its toes all throughout the year. We are almost up to the brink with loads of innovative and creative activities up our sleeve all the year round. As far as possible, competitions and activities from any corner are never rejected irrespective of time constraints, since the aim is to ‘meet the challenge and strive for the best’. The students are hence provided with ample opportunities to display their talents and gain confidence.

Revelling in the beauty of words in both speech and the written form is the major goal of the society. Rejection of several drafts of speeches, research material, reports, abstracts until ‘The Perfect Piece’ is produced, brings plenty of sobs and heartaches in the beginning, but is soon followed by hilarity and smiles when success eventually arrives at the doorstep. All this is one big step in producing creative writers and eloquent speakers.

Though I’ve assumed this post since only the past three years, it is with great delight that I pen down the wonderful achievements of the society within this short span. The staging of ‘Twelfth Night’ by William Shakespeare has been  the major production, followed by another successful Geography play ‘The Web of Forest Life’.

Annual Panel Discussions, Declamations, Extempore Speeches, Elocutions, Scrabble Competitions, Essay-Writing and Poetry-Writing Competitions, and then the much awaited Bi-Annual Play of Class XI are some of the major competitions organized by the Literary Society. Equally enthusiastic is the Literary Society about participation in various Inter-School, Inter-Provincial and even International Contests.

Annual Trophies are awarded for the Elocution, Poetry-Writing and Essay-Writing Competitions, thus, promoting a healthy competition among the pupils. Participation in Elocutions and good Conversational Skills are inculcated in the children right from Class I.

As for the Panel Discussions, Declamations, Extempore Speeches and the Scrabble Competitions, which have especially gained momentum lately, the society has been provided with cups to acknowledge the ability of the participants. Very soon, we hope to have Annual Trophies for these too!

The Mamaian Scrabble Club was established in November 2000 to promote Vocabulary and Communicative Skills among the girls. Over a year’s long practice after school hours, The Mama School was ranked as the second best in Karachi at the Scrabble Scenario in 2001-2002. It now boasts of the First Position in the year 2003. Our top players like Mariya Maniya, Zehra Javed, Zehra Razvi (Captain-Scrabble Club), Shahana Farooq, Anum Rehman, Rabeea Javed, Ayesha Arif Bawani, Kiran Azam have all made us proud !

In the past two years, the Society has been clinching the best positions both at the Local and International levels. The representation of Sheeza Sarfraz at the English Speaking Union of Pakistan; and of Unaiza Ahsan at the Middlesex University, both held in U.K. were certainly colourful feathers for our School’s cap!  Sheeza’s recitation of Shakespeare’s Soliloquy at the British Council also received a good applause. Other eloquent speakers like Nida Ismail, Shajia Sarfaraz, Anum Rehman, Samra Fatema, Mahreen Moosa, Nida Hassan have all been bringing laurels for us over the years.

The Society has also been shouldering the task of organizing major projects such as those for the Annual TRC Events in the past, and our involvement with the International School Educational Olympiad recently. At this event, Shajia Sarfaraz attained the second position for the Panel Discussion out of the contesting 64 Schools of Pakistan. Nida Hasan’s melodious voice bagged us the third position. All such projects require a lot of team spirit, which has been possible, only, because of the zealous contribution of all my colleagues, who are always ready to accept any task requested of them.

The work of this society is extremely demanding but the rewards of pleasure are well worth the effort. The smooth functioning of the society is possible because of the constant support of Ms. Mavalvala always behind our back. The combined efforts of the Literary Secretaries like Fareen Khan (batch of 2002), Nuzat Hussain (batch of 2003), and Zehra Razvi ‘Captain-Scrabble Club’ (batch of 2003)   alongwith the determination of the contesting participants brings us the very best always.



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